Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nailed it!

So for those of you who know me, this ain't news, but for those that just stumbled onto my glorious(ly neglected) blog, hi, my name is Katy and I'm a nail polish addict.

In fact you see, I'm so addicted that, coming back from a job interview, I could NOT resist walking into Jean Coutu to check out the nail prodz. And of course, I left the store with two colors. One's a limited edition of Maybelline Express Finish in a nice banana yellow color called Sunshine, and the other is a nice peachy-pink sheer color by Personnelle, the Jean Coutu home brand.

Now I don't usually go for those cheap brands, but being in between jobs right now, that's all I could really allow myself to spend without feeling completely irresponsible. I don't usually go for sheers either, but the color was so gorgeous, and then, the fact that I don't have ANY shiny colors like that also helped, I didn't feel that I was buying something completely useless or similar to what I already have! As for the yellow.. I'm slightly mad I bought another yellow polish, but for 3$, that girl couldn't resist, and the other one I have from Sally Hensen really sucked, so yeah.. I thought for 3 bucks, I'd give it a shot, see if the application is better. Sadly, I find it hard to blend, just like the other one I have, so maybe I'll just re-gift it.. or maybe not. I don't know yet, I guess I'll have to try a full mani with it to really judge.

In other news, I was blog-hopping just now, and I found a great blog written by this chick who makes the most GORGEOUS jewelry! It so happens that she's having a Giveaway right now: beautiful "skeleton cameo" jewelry made by the lady in question, as well as a bunch of makeup courtesy of Morgana Cryptoria! Now I'd join for the jewelry alone, wouldn't you? Click on the "Giveaway" link to enter, all you have to do is follow the gorgeous Blix and tell her why you would love to win in a comment. Easy enough! And of course repost this, just so your friends can too have a chance at winning (and sharing!) the great prize! Ans if you don't win, you can also buy her jewelry on Ebay right here. I know I got MY sights on this ring...

I just love it to death (ha ah, get it?)...

Bad puns aside, follow this girl, not only is she pretty and seriously skilled at eye makeup (we could all use her pointers!), but she's a real artist, no doubt.

Now on that note, I'll leave you with some youtube videos, as per usual, but this ain't no Taylor Swift or Kanye West, haha.  The first one is The Violation by Fleshgod Apocalypse, an AMAZING video and a great song.

The second one, if I didn't scare you away already, is by my friends of UneXpect, off their new album Fables of the Sleepless Empire, which will probably end up being my favorite metal album of 2011!!!

Enjoy, bitchez!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nail addicts represent!!

This video is hilarious!!!!!

Also... can just about ANYONE have a duet with Kanye West these days?! Boy, that guy is a fucking song whore! Soon enough there might be more songs ft. Kanye West than actual Kanye West songs... :P (seriously, type "ft. Kanye West" on youtube, it's RIDICULOUS!!)

Anyhow, let's go on to some nail trends shall we!!! You thought ombré was a hair trend only?! Think again! Here's the How To, courtesy of Seventeen Magazine!

How-To: Start with shaped and buffed nails. Clean nails thoroughly with acetone polish remover. Do not use a base coat, as the blending for the ombré look will not work as well over a base coat. Work with one nail at a time so polish is wet enough to blend. Starting at the cuticle area, apply a polish in a thick layer, using a dabbing technique, about 1/3 of the way up the nail. Using a lighter shade, immediately polish, starting where the darker color ends, and "drag" the end of the darker polish up the nail to the end with the lighter color to create an ombré "fade" (so the colors look like they fade into each other). Continue this application with all nails. Seal nails with a quick dry top coat.

Sounds easy enough, no? To see pictures of what it looks like, click the Seventeen Magazine link above, it's the second picture in the slideshow.


Friday, July 1, 2011


I had to share this big, big fashion crush I just developed checking out Donna Karan (the Bunny Butcher)'s new Resort collection!! Expect no bunny fur, only absolutely gorgeous glam dresses that would make Dita Von Teese wet herself, as well as some awesome structured modern pieces, I was literally floored!

Check it out!

And now to flesh this post out a little bit.. ;)

Boom ratatata!