Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ain't Cindy Lauper still looking awesome at her age?

Except... that's Cristina Aguilera. Yep.

Nothing left to say.

Gloss Bar

Man, I really hope I get to organize a large girly event someday.. I know, weird aspiration, it's just that I stumbled upon this website today, and I SO totally wanna do my own gloss!! I wish there was this kind of stuff as a bar concept, where you could create your own lip color, eyeshadow, gloss, or whatever, without having to buy a bulk number! I mean they already do the necklace thing in Montreal, where you can create your own jewelry. I think the concept would be viable, paired with drinks and snacks. I'd extend a some bucks to create my own beauty products!

The only thing is.. there's nothing on the website regarding the composition of this lip gloss, and that bothers me. It would be really cool if it was organic, or at least free of harsh chemicals, but.. we just don't know. Ahh, if I win the lottery, I'll find some chemistry major and start a café called Pigments, where you can choose from different pigments and create your own unique blend of organic makeup. ;) Wouldn't that be a winning concept?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday, politicsToday, American Idol.

Yeah yeah yeah, so sue me, I'm both politically involved AND culturally retarded (in a way, hahaha). Yesterday's post was cool to write, just because I didn't have to worry about debating a certain subject and just went kamikaze on the political comments, but.. I don't wanna go to bed at 2am every night so I can research and write a political blog, y'know?

So tonight, I'll be watching American Idol, 90210 and possibly ANTM, if it gets online before I go to bed. I really wonder who's gonna go home next now that Stefano's gone (FINALLY!!!!). For those of you who don't watch Idol, Stefano has to be the most annoying contestant Idol's had in a few years, some small Italian dude who thinks a dance version of a (my favourite) Stevie Wonder classic ballad is perfectly acceptable.

Now tell me that wasn't painful?! The judges don't agree with me, obvs, but every single week I swear, his tone drove me NUUUTS. Anyways, he's GONE. (after surviving like...4 eliminations in the bottom 3 or something!) My best guess for the next person to leave would be Hailey, because she has consistently had less votes than the others, and well.. I feel like her song choice is gonna be the bottom line: she was saved last week for singing Rolling in the Deep by Adele, which is a huge hit right now (and an allover awesome song!), but I feel that if she goes '80s again (or worse, '90s!), she'll get the golden boot.

Well I guess we'll see tonight! I hope the episode only lasts one hour, a friend of mine's on the radio tonight at 9pm!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warning : Politics ahead

Someone I know posted a video (or two) today on Facebook, urging people to vote for the NDP (or NPD in french) to put a stop to the current two-party monopole going on in Canadian federal politics. He even goes as far as to compare us to the United States, where the two-party monopole is even more enforced. Now first of all.. I'm all for NDP, for very different reasons. I do agree that the two current "old" parties are becoming a farce, mostly due to "friendships" extending longer than ideas.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Beware... it's the crazy blush lady!!

Hahaha, ain't that something?! I'm not even talking about her outfit, that Rihanna crossed with Elisabeth Taylor transvestite outfit... She looks like she's about to attend the Bal en Blanc, she's definitely not classy enough to get into Diddy's White Party, even less an arts event?!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is priceless..

A friend of a friend posted this on Facebook, and I just had to share... xD
After the cut.


Monday, April 18, 2011


Oh dear...

So here I am lazing it again... I'm just gonna post a song I fell in love with, and please don't laugh at me.. it's a good cute song! :P Haha, j'm'assume pas.. lol

Edit: oh and I feel cheap, I'll post another! She's just so cute.. lol

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've been so lazy lately, neglecting my blog entirely! And now look at me, 1:30 AM, not the time to write a blog! I've been watching lots of beauty videos lately, and I'll be writing a bit about some new exciting products shortly, in the meantime I thought I could just.. y'know, let y'all know that I'm ALIVE and not letting this blog rot to hell, like most of my previous ones..

RIP, 1001 blogs.