Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is priceless..

A friend of a friend posted this on Facebook, and I just had to share... xD
After the cut.


Haha, isn't this brilliant?

"Suçage à la menthe: avant de vous faire glouglouter le poireau, faire suçer une pastille à la menthe à l'opératrice. Délicieuse sensation de cuisson." Hahahahahahaha! *dies*

The "branlage à la mouche" is kinda disturbing, but WTF is with the "chauffage au gaz"?! lol Something tells me I don't wanna know..

Anyhow, in a measly attempt at easing your souls, here's a spring-y 'lil video.

I'll be having a few drinks at l'Assommoir on Bernard this thursday with dearest Momo, possibly splurging on some high end cosmetics! I'm thinking either YSL or Chanel, depending on the deals/products available at The Bay, WEEEE!! And tommorow, I'm definitely buying a purse (or two) on St-Hubert, I just NEED that soft yellow purse, and I need a new black go-with-everything bag too. Will post pics!

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