Sunday, April 8, 2012


So this is attempt no45 to kick myself in the you-know-what, and to keep my blog (or my sorry excuse for a blog!) updated. It's kinda pointless, I know I'll probably end up neglecting it again in the very near future.. and I know, it's kinda pointless to state this fact, as I should be positive instead of setting myself up to fail, but what can I say... that's how belief works. I believe the sun will set tomorrow because I've seen it set every day for 27 years now every day, I also happen to believe I'll fail lamentably at posting here every week, because never in my past have I been dedicated/motivated enough to keep a decent blog rolling.

Not that I'm particularly busy or anything, especially now that I'm a professional student on strike... (yup.) I got a lot of time on my hands, time I'm almost ashamed to admit spending on less than stellar intellectual enterprises (ANTM anyone?). What's a girl to do though? I can't work, since I don't know when classes are gonna pick up again, I can't write my papers, because I don't know if I'll even have to turn them in or not.. All I can do is read, and as much of a sucker as I am for a good book, I just can't get myself to read for 8 hours a day. I would turn into a social science zombie!

I'd much rather be reading those physics books I bought over Christmas time too, but I get so tired of reading only from my classes, I can't even imagine myself reading for FUN right now. Which is mildly sad, but I can live with that for a few more years, just so I get myself a decent degree in.. something! In other news, I'll be attending the ACFAS congress this next month. Two of my teachers are lecturing on Durkheim's Elementary Forms of Religious Life, a text I wrote about in my term paper last semester and really enjoyed reading altogether. I strongly suggest the conclusion of that book to anyone reading this, it was published a century ago, in 1912, and is still very much of actuality. Anyhow, I'm really excited to attend, my research on secular humanism and atheism will surely benefit from the insight, and I'm curious to hear what my professors have to say about this subject at large. I know they're both very critical and passionate, as well as convinced anti-utilitarians, so it will surely be entertaining and insightful!

So since it's Easter, I'll leave y'all with a Easter-themed video from Deep Sky Videos:

Enjoy! xxx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012!

A new year, new challenges, new directions.

I'm not one for resolutions, although if I were to pick one, I'd say spending less on makeup and more on healthy food and life choices would be first on my list.. *coughs* But nevermind this, I think if you need to make a change in your life, you don't need to wait for a new year to embark on your journey. I mean I'm all for setting dates for important things (I've heard it was a good tip to stop smoking to set a date for it and prepare mentally before you go cold-turkey). The most important date for me in 2012 will most likely be March 1rst, since I have to pick a major by then. It's SOOO SO hard, because I'm interested in too many things at once, and can't decide if I wanna take the long road and study physics, or if I wanna keep with the humanities and go into science of religions.

The latter seems to be the simplest option, I just don't know yet how I can succeed to integrate it into my life and grow into a... religion expert? Heck, if I'm lucky the mayas were right, and those existential questions are illusory and useless in the face of the impending doom that awaits us in December! :P

I was gonna do some "What I got for Christmas" haul, but then I figured.. who really cares that I got a coffee machine? So I'll abstain. I WILL say though that I got the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation at Sephora during the holiday break and that I am IN LOVE with it. Also a big shoutout to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Sin, which is the most flattering shade and stays put FOREVER.

That being said, I also bought 4 books, to feed the mind as well as the vain beauty addictions, y'know.. so:

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch
For the Love of Physics by Walter Levin
The Hidden Reality by Brian Green
Religion in Human Evolution by Robert N. Bellah

I started reading The Hidden Reality, and so far, besides some random facts about an old Einstein ignoring string theory as it became the leading theory, I didn't learn much. This MIGHT be a sign that I am watching way too many videos and reading too many physics forums trying to understand quantum physics and the theory of everything as it unravels, or maybe it's just that I only the introduction so far... ;) Spacetime will tell.. (huhuhu)

Katsy xx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Geneva, baby

Here I am again, daydreaming of CERN and of Big Hadron Colliders... (I know, I know, joke largely overdone..) I was watching these videos on interstellar space travel, anti-matter, dark energy and universe acceleration, y'know, basic, common knowledge stuff.. and I thought you know, those videos are really well made. They serve a purpose that I would like to serve too one day, to popularize science and cosmology, to awaken humanity from this deep, long, restless slumber it sorta fell into, starting with religions and ending the new religion: economy.

CERN, Switzerland

It just sorta came to me while studying sociology that.. we have all the tools, all the knowledge to bring the whole of humanity together in its first era of global awareness. We know what we are made of, mostly, we're on the way to understanding most everything in the universe, and yet, we barely use that newfound freedom of consciousness, that new knowledge, to make sure that new research brings us all forward. Instead, we divide the knowledge into workgroups, and target the greater advances and lay them onto the laps of the wealthy capital owners to dispose of. Worse even, nowadays researchers in all fields of fundamental science are being pressured to come up with results that will be economically beneficial. That's where knowledge is headed, and that is scary shit my friends.

Anyways, I'm done ranting for today, I'll leave you guys with two great videos.

This first one is for your brain

This second one's also for your brain, but on Halloween candy sugar-induced high

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Makeup For Ever, Maaan.

Say that title like Chong would, yeah, that's it. Doesn't that feel good? Now that we're on the same intellectual level, I'll take that time away from sociology and the (albeit fascinating, quite headache-inducing) works of Karl Marx to post some holiday makeup fun! Because seriously, who doesn't love the holiday palettes and lines that beauty companies come up with before Christmas?!? I know I love them, so this is my excuse to check them all out!


So Nars isn't my go-to for nail polish, only because they have such great face products, I dunno.. I'd rather spend on a Nars shadow than a Nars polish, no? No. Nuh-uh. Not anymore. I am SOLD on the Nars polishes this holiday! They have a great set of kabuki inspired colors that I will most likely buy for a certain friend, I know she'll love these!

The second one is my favourite, and the one I will probably spend the big bucks on! It's called Endless Night, and the peeps at Nars deem it a black grape color. I'd say it's about right, it comes on super dark, and has hints of berry color in it.

♥  EET!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Just another quick post, because I need to procrastinate my midterm paper even more.. *coughs*

I was watching makeup videos on youtube, and I just found a new guru I really like. I was talking to a friend earlier in the week about some great ways to find products that'll look really good on you, so I figured I'd share my tricks with you guys too!

The best tip: find a good makeup guru/beauty editor.

It's that simple. Well.. simple.... The trick is to find one (or better, a few ones) that look kinda similar to you. By similar, I mean skin tone, eye color/shape, hair color/shape/length, etc. It might seem hard, but you can pick different people based on different criterias. Like for example, you can find a good "hair dupe" for yourself, but she has a different eye shape/color, or a good face color/eye doppelganger that has darker hair or really short hair, etc.

For me, because I'm a natural dark blonde with blue/grey eyes and straight mid-length hair, it's fairly easy to find a few makeup addicts with those features, which could be considered typical "pretty girl" features. (NOT bragging or anything, it's just known that the blue eyes/blonde hair combo is considered attractive. It's a historical factual statement!) And well.. I dunno, blondes, we're all vain bitches deep inside, and we like makeup and beauty stuff. lol (Just for the record, that was NOT factual at all.)

 Dee Snider, Twisted Sisters

So anyways, here are a few of my inspirations beauty-wise, so I don't end up looking like a girl version of this guy....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Speed of Light

My life's going at the speed of light right now, so I'll post three videos on that theme. Enjoy!

 Cosmo takes a whole new meaning here. :P Awkward posing since 1969..

Sixty Symbols, video on some tiny ass particle that can be accelerated faster than light. Truth.

Robyn - Indestructible (Acoustic Version)
♪ I'm going back through time at the speed of light ♪

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coup de coeur

A heavier version of this would most likely make me wet myself. Regardless of what style it's sung into, this is a beautiful song, it could be country, it could be blues, it could be atmospheric doom metal, she made it her own with the voice/piano vers., I would looove to do a heavier, rock version of this. It's originally done by The Weeknd, I had no idea who the fuck that was before stumbling upon the cover.