Monday, September 12, 2011

The Clutch Affair

Ok, I have this fashion confession to make. I've been checking out new trends, fashion week action, bla bla blah, and I came to this realization: I do not clutches.

In fact, I think they're retarded, and defy the purpose of a purse, which is to NOT carry all your stuff in your hands. I just can't get around how unpractical it is to have a bag to carry in your hands all day/night long. What do you do if you're sipping on a drink, and then your phone rings? If you're carrying a coffee late night, and you have to hold your dress up from a puddle? It's all so uncomfortable.. possible, but just a hassle, I guess I like to have access to my hands when I need 'em.

 Though perhaps I'd make an exception for this McQueen number....

I know, I know, they're like.. some fancy accessory for a night out, and those flat ones you can stick under your arm, yadda yadda. I get it, I even like it on others sometimes, but you will probably never see one in my closet (never say never, but in this case I feel pretty confident).

My bags all have handles, TYVM.

What do you guys think?
Do you own a clutch?
If so, do you miss your second free hand?


  1. nice pics! you have a lovely blog!
    loads of kisses!

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    The yellow ball

  3. I love that bag!

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  4. Thanks for the comments guys, they're appreciated! ^^