Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Makeup Wishlist

Partly to remind myself what I want to buy, partly to daydream of having the money to afford even half of it.. ;)

- This AMAZEBALLZ palette from Bobbi Brown, 8 coordinated earthy shades for 60$. A little bit on the pricey side, so this would go into the "daydream"category.

-This would be a more affordable option by the Sephora brand, in the colors displayed on the big preview (Almost Nude 09), retailing at 24$. It's all about the purple!

-Speaking of which... Here's my favourite new color, a nice deep greyish purple by OPI called I Brake for Manicures, off their Touring America Fall 2011 line. Also IN LOVE with this Nars shade from the new collection! The name is Galion, they describe the color as a "dark stormy gray", 17$.

-Also madly in love with Chanel's new Joues Contraste blush in Rose Ecrin (68), 43$ on the Chanel website or in stores. Perhaps I would splurge on that one, a good blush is essential.

-The Paul&Joe lipstick in the Uptown Girl color. Adorable, isn't it?


This is sorta ridiculous, but I thought it was funny enough to share... Tarte came up with a True Blood-inspired palette.. It doesn't seem bad, if you're into shimmery and glittery stuff, which I'm totally not. But the person that thought up the names? Gawd... The True Death is the most creative, but.. for a shimmery silver?! And then Waitress, a sparkling pink champagne color obviously, because nothing says waitress like champagne.

Speaking of True Blood, I'll leave you to some eye candy: Eric is back, mofos!

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