Thursday, October 27, 2011

Makeup For Ever, Maaan.

Say that title like Chong would, yeah, that's it. Doesn't that feel good? Now that we're on the same intellectual level, I'll take that time away from sociology and the (albeit fascinating, quite headache-inducing) works of Karl Marx to post some holiday makeup fun! Because seriously, who doesn't love the holiday palettes and lines that beauty companies come up with before Christmas?!? I know I love them, so this is my excuse to check them all out!


So Nars isn't my go-to for nail polish, only because they have such great face products, I dunno.. I'd rather spend on a Nars shadow than a Nars polish, no? No. Nuh-uh. Not anymore. I am SOLD on the Nars polishes this holiday! They have a great set of kabuki inspired colors that I will most likely buy for a certain friend, I know she'll love these!

The second one is my favourite, and the one I will probably spend the big bucks on! It's called Endless Night, and the peeps at Nars deem it a black grape color. I'd say it's about right, it comes on super dark, and has hints of berry color in it.

♥  EET!

I'm also falling a little more everyday for the Chanel Rouge Carat (here's a swatch).. It's a nice Christmas red, with light fushia shimmer, which makes it go from gorgeous to cool, and back to gorgeous. I can't say I'm AS excited about it than I am about the new spring 2012 colors (April and June, I'm looking at YOU!).

This next product is like... TOO cool. I can't get over it, I MUST own this shit. I mean look at that! The black/purple one is way awesome.

It's Nails Inc. London's new Magnetic Polish. Basically, two of my favorite things mixed together in a Holy Grail fashion: nail polish and physics!! This nail polish has built-in magnetic particles, and the cap has a magnet.. you do the math! The resulting look is AWESOME, from what I saw on the swatches I google'd anyways! (This swatch's from The Polished Medic blog.) Anyhow, you can buy these babies at Sephora right here.

One last nail product and I SWEAR I'm done.. lol But this thing is just... undeniable. I can't honestly do a "wishing haul" without mentioning the AMAZEBALLS set Sephora released. Not three, not five, but *18* OPI for Sephora nail polish minis!!!! And the colors are all absolutely amazing! Entirely worth the 48$ it sells for.

(Photo courtesy of Makeup4all)


Yep, this is how my beauty ranting goes: nails, and then the rest. lulz

I fell in love with the Stila Dream in Full Palette. I mean how gorgeous is it?! And for 39$... totally affordably fab! There's so many good neutrals there..

Also LOVING the Kat Von D "Art of Elysium" Palette in Kimberly, the colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I need more purple in my life (and, in general, more Kat Von D! One day, she'll get to ink my glorious epiderm..) I just bought her tattoo liner in Lapdance recently (dark purple), so this would go very nicely! I mean look at that!!

I can also testify that her line is very good quality, I swear by her liquid liners (they almost hold too much, if that's even possible), and I have a duo eyeshadow in shimmery peach and glittery nude colors, and they hold and only crease after a whole day of blinking, which is admirable in my case (that crease of mine is a black hole for eyeshadow, a gravitational singularity for powders, the event horizon beyond which glitter goes to die).

Another product I'm dying to try is this foundation by NYX. I don't even know if this brand's available in Canada, but they have some really cool products! I would order online, but it's foundation... y'know? The kind of stuff you wanna TRY before investing 15$ into it. (although that's a good price for foundation...) The reviews are good, people say it compares to MUFE, has good coverage AND is lightweight and paraben-free! Do want.

Last (but not least!) is this illuminating powder, from the Nars holiday collection. It's sort of a blush/highlighting powder, but seriously, I would use this everywhere, on my cheeks, eyes, in the décolleté.... I just LOVE the color to death! (I was actually disappointed this wasn't a straight eyeshadow.. is there any wrong with wearing cheek color on your eyelids?! Hope not..)

Anyhow, that's all for today, I need to get back to my 18th century philosophers...

Take care!



  1. 2005! sorry, I had to troll your comment box! :P You CAN wear cheek color on your eyes, I do it often! I have this blush/highlighter by Marcelle that's just too gorgeous on the eye's! And another blush by Anabelle that I wear all the time when I wear turquoise blouses... And 15$ is a pretty decent price for a foundation. Just sayin...

  2. I was saying it more like... even 15$ is an investment for me right now :P