Friday, October 28, 2011

Geneva, baby

Here I am again, daydreaming of CERN and of Big Hadron Colliders... (I know, I know, joke largely overdone..) I was watching these videos on interstellar space travel, anti-matter, dark energy and universe acceleration, y'know, basic, common knowledge stuff.. and I thought you know, those videos are really well made. They serve a purpose that I would like to serve too one day, to popularize science and cosmology, to awaken humanity from this deep, long, restless slumber it sorta fell into, starting with religions and ending the new religion: economy.

CERN, Switzerland

It just sorta came to me while studying sociology that.. we have all the tools, all the knowledge to bring the whole of humanity together in its first era of global awareness. We know what we are made of, mostly, we're on the way to understanding most everything in the universe, and yet, we barely use that newfound freedom of consciousness, that new knowledge, to make sure that new research brings us all forward. Instead, we divide the knowledge into workgroups, and target the greater advances and lay them onto the laps of the wealthy capital owners to dispose of. Worse even, nowadays researchers in all fields of fundamental science are being pressured to come up with results that will be economically beneficial. That's where knowledge is headed, and that is scary shit my friends.

Anyways, I'm done ranting for today, I'll leave you guys with two great videos.

This first one is for your brain

This second one's also for your brain, but on Halloween candy sugar-induced high

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