Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Just another quick post, because I need to procrastinate my midterm paper even more.. *coughs*

I was watching makeup videos on youtube, and I just found a new guru I really like. I was talking to a friend earlier in the week about some great ways to find products that'll look really good on you, so I figured I'd share my tricks with you guys too!

The best tip: find a good makeup guru/beauty editor.

It's that simple. Well.. simple.... The trick is to find one (or better, a few ones) that look kinda similar to you. By similar, I mean skin tone, eye color/shape, hair color/shape/length, etc. It might seem hard, but you can pick different people based on different criterias. Like for example, you can find a good "hair dupe" for yourself, but she has a different eye shape/color, or a good face color/eye doppelganger that has darker hair or really short hair, etc.

For me, because I'm a natural dark blonde with blue/grey eyes and straight mid-length hair, it's fairly easy to find a few makeup addicts with those features, which could be considered typical "pretty girl" features. (NOT bragging or anything, it's just known that the blue eyes/blonde hair combo is considered attractive. It's a historical factual statement!) And well.. I dunno, blondes, we're all vain bitches deep inside, and we like makeup and beauty stuff. lol (Just for the record, that was NOT factual at all.)

 Dee Snider, Twisted Sisters

So anyways, here are a few of my inspirations beauty-wise, so I don't end up looking like a girl version of this guy....


Because you don't just wanna know which products are being sold, you wanna know which are the BESTEST and what trends are picking up, and what celebrities and designers, bref what trendmakers are doing (or not doing) right. Michelle from Beauty Editor, she's a pro. And it SO HAPPENS that she's also fair skinned, blue eyed with stick straight blonde hair. How convenient... ;)

Here pictured, Coco Rocha, picture taken from Beautyeditor.ca


It feels SORTA weird to be taking beauty advice from a 16 year old... but that young gal knows what she's talking about, so I must bow down and give credit where it's due. She's not overly bubbly and annoying I find for a teenage girl, her videos were sometimes a bit erratic/random, but it's been getting better and more focused with time, and she has TONS of fun tutorials! Her strength is hair stuff, and although my hair isn't as long as hers, I can still draw some inspiration and techniques. You'll have guessed, chick is blonde with blue eyes and fair skintone. 

 Also check out her Halloween tutorials, fun stuff!


So this is my latest discovery! I was fine and content just watching Megan's video and reading Michelle's blog, but this chick's videos are really good, she has a really nice makeup collection and knows her stuff. She's probably my new eye makeup inspiration, she does a statement eye better than any other guru I've ever followed! She's also pleasant to the ear, add a good sense of humor to the balance, and it makes for a very enjoyable experience. Do I need to mention Amarixe is also blonde with blue eyes and fair skin?

Quote: "It kinda makes you look like you've been making out with a really hot vampire.. and I think this is a look that we all strive for..!"

So all these gurus have a few things in common, besides having similar facial features and hair color.. They're all OBSESSED with makeup, so they have a LOT of different brands/shades to share with you. I also think it's important that they have a good variety, and a good balance between high end brands and drugstore stuff. I means we ALL would love to use Chanel, YSL and La Mer everyday, but let's face it, most of us can't afford to. The opposite is also true, if all there is to it are Wal-Mart makeup hauls and Shoppers Drug Mart swatches, I can google that shit (or better even, go swatch it myself at the drugstore). Balance is the key, and like I said, the gurus might not be TOTAL matches, they might, for example, love blush a little too much for your taste, or wear false lashes when you might wanna skip, but that's what's fun about it. It's all adaptable to what works FOR YOU. That's the whole point of the maneuver, right?!

Kate Hudson, my fave rave beauty celebrity inspiration. Sooo pretty and natural and cool!

You can also look for a celebrity "lookalike", same rules as described above, only they are not obsessed with makeup: they have professional makeup artists to be obsessed for them. Some fashion bloggers are also good inspiration, for example I follow The Blonde Salad, and that Ferragni girl I swear is the best muse. She's the perfect amalgam of tough and chic, just look at her shoe collection! But I disgress..

Chiara Ferragni, designer and blogger @ The Blonde Salad

Well, that was some awesome procrastination bit! Now I'll go on to freak out because I spent all afternoon on a beauty post on my ever-neglected blog, instead of writing my 6 page paper due in two days. FUN TIMES!!

Hope you enjoy at least... loll

Katsy xxxxx

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