Sunday, May 1, 2011

A feeling of summer

I went to Mount Royal today with Momo, since it was all sunny n shit, we went to eat some Californian cuisine at El Zaziumm. With my vacation week coming up, and all this nice warm weather, I'm really feeling like it's summer already! The music I've been obsessed with feels very summery, and I choose colors for my clothes and makeup that are definitely more summery. I'm still pretty much obsessed with Adele and Eliza Doolittle, especially this song.

In other news, I also just purchased a Justin Beiver nailpolish.. :P Not MY fault he actually chose one or two decent colors! That's the one I bought, it looks really nice on.

I also got a nice indigo liner for a ridiculously low price, and a nice gift for one of my friends! ;) I also spent like litterally 15-20 minutes picking up a black liner, and ended up leaving with the wrong color.. Failz. While I was out at the tam tams, I bought two cool colored wooden rings, one in faded orange, one in faded yellow, and also bought a wooden elastic bracelet, all for 5$ each!

I have to slow down on the expenses now though, until my vacation! The only real spend I plan on making is a trip to the hairdresser. I need to lighten the color, and fix my previous cut, which was totally NOT what I asked for.

If it's still this nice next weekend, I might just go back to sunbathe at the tam tams, I was sad to leave so soon today, although the sangria and nachos were awesome! Oh and DAMN, I just remembered I had to buy sunscreen.. well, one more reason to give Pharmaprix my money.. :P

Who's joining me on the mountain next week? :D


  1. I might! I'd love to join you!

  2. Depends if I'm doing something for Mother's day...