Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tada! I'm back!!

Yaaaaayyyy! I wish it was for some deep essay about the meaning of life or the expansion of the universe, but no. This is a no brainer video dump!! :D Lots and lots of random ass stuff about the meaning of.. your mom. There!

Enjoy the crap! (as I know at least SOME of you will, hahaha)

First off we got some videos from this girl that does english covers of kpop songs (winning, as Charlie would say. No, not the unicorn, the other Charlie.) Two of my favorite kpop songs of the moment, too.

This had me cracking up SO MUCH! This is a MV by 4 Minutes, and it really sounds like they're starting the song saying "4 Minute Slut, 4 Minute Slut". Yet, the chorus is sorta catchy, so.. you be the judge!

Oh my, is it 11:30 already?!? Got two more! This one's addictive as fuck, and I guarantee you one or two laughs watching the video!

This one is also a guaranteed laugh.

That's all, gotta go to bed.

Kat xxx

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