Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ce soir, je bleuuugue. I've been going out quite a bit lately. (but not nearly enough for my taste! So friends, if you wanna share a 40oz and get drunk.. call me! ;) In other news, I returned the Beiver nailpolish, we were just incompatible.. should've known I wasn't gonna commit to a blue nailpolish, because on my complexion it looks like.. a 4 year old picked my nailpolish. Not trendy, not even cute or appropriate for weekend only, weekend called and he doesn't like the color either. Good news is, I got a credit that I could apply to my mother's day gift to my mom.

Now I know I said I'd ease it on the shopping and save up for my vacation, but I so happened to shop for mother's day, and well.. I ended up spending over 100$ on 2 pairs of shoes, one pair of sunglasses and a shirt. So far, all good investments!

Next week will be more eventful, w00t! Vacation starting off with a b-day party (not mine, haha) and and invitation for jap chae, so far so good! ;) Then of course, Toronto and Quebec City.

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