Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can't wait..

I just can't wait to go walk outside when spring is advanced enough so that the days are warm and the evenings are cool. I'd feel like walking to go grab a smoothie nearby, then wander in the streets in Villeray and breathe the fresh air. I wanna go to Mount Royal on sundays, and bathe in the sun, relaxing with friends and a few hundred other relaxed people.

I miss it. Enough winter already! The sun's back, time for a little bit of warmth to kick in!

In the meantime, I wanna go skate at the Atrium downtown soon, anyone wanna come with? I used to skate so much as a kid, it's been so long it seems, I wanna rent some skates for an hour or something! Come on!! :D


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  2. I cannot wait for Spring, either. I'm done with you, winter! DONE!

    If you haven't found anyone to go skate with you by the time April rolls by, I might be interested in going. I haven't skated in YEARS, though, so the thought is a little terrifying. Otherwise, there's always the mountain!

  3. Yess, I haven't skated in years either, but my best guess is that it's kinda like riding a bike, you don't loose the ability. I still gotz balance, I'm sure :)