Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've been neglecting my blog lately, so I'll post a few things over the weekend! For this entry, I decided to share some videos of people who do incredible stuff that most people can't do. This first video is of a 6 year old skateboarding chick! She is just awesome! Sorry if the video is not embedded, but it's not on youtube.

I was trying to find the very first video I saw of Charice Pempengco, but it seems korean broadcasters have a real issue with this particular video being available on youtube, so here again, a video from Dailymotion.

(long) Side note: I LOOOVE this korean presenter, Kang Ho Dong, which was host to one of my favourite korean game shows ever, X-Man. Two teams filled with artists, comedians and actors would oppose in crazy-ass games, and at the end, everyone had to guess who the "X-Man" is. At first, the X-Man was chosen beforehand, and had to be a team disruptor, but later they changed formula a bit, and the X-Man was instead voted by various entertainment people based on a theme/question, like "If I had that persons face, that would be great" or "The person who spends a lot of money on their appearance?", or even "The best person to have their sex changed?". It was hilarious, too bad it got cancelled. Side side note: Kang Ho Dong was the X-Man on the week when the question was "This person doesn't take care of their face very well!"

Coming back to Charice, she's all grown up now, she stars on Glee as Sunshine Corazon, Rachel Berry's natural singing enemy, and probably Sue's final weapon as Vocal Adrenaline's lead singer (I'm SURE). In 2010, she made another appearance on Star King, to whom she pretty much owes her internet fame and subsequent shot at international stardom. I have to say it, her look for that appearance was perfection. And how about that rendition of When You Believe from Prince of Egypt?! Amazing.

Her song Pyramid's kinda lame, but she's young, she wants to do some R&B pop music. She'll grow into her own style as she grows up, I just think she has a great voice for monumental songs, not mediocre trendy songs with obscure rappers named Iyaz. Just sayin'. Here's the video anyways.

Enough about Charice, now let me introduce you to a 9 year old guitar player (at the time) Yuto Miyazawa, here on the Elle Degeneres Show.

He really sounds like Ozzy too, with the engrish and the slur.. :P Ok, that was kinda mean.. sorry Yuto, you rock.

This next lil dude is the amazing Sungha Jung, a korean kid that can also play guitar like it's nobody's business. Here he's all grown up, doing a beautiful rendition of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters.

He's been doing guitar videos for a long time, that's from his channel on youtube, you can check out the older videos, he was so small!! He's teaching his technique, and he should really be in a band.

There's a lot of talent in the world, so I'll leave you with some kids that dance hm.. very well?

Haha, am I the only one to think this is SLIGHTLY inappropriate for a 7 year old? xDD The mini-gangsta was pretty damn cute (and amazing) though!

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