Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mystery package

Spring is coming along, and with it, my smile too is coming out of hibernation. I love spring, almost as much as fall, which is my favorite season. So yeah, enough with the useless weather chit chat, I wanted to post something a little less brainy today and share some random girly thoughts, as well as share with y'all the content of the mystery package I received this week! I haven't ordered anything in a long time, so it was kind of a WTF moment when I got the claim coupon for a package in my mailbox earlier this week.

But first, I must share my coup de coeur for this Marc Jacobs bag, which I would certainly marry if marrying a bag was legal (and not completely insane). Too bad I can't even afford to take it out on a date... Link:

So today I went to the hairdresser with my grandma, and then we went for a quick stop at Value Village. I LOVE that place so much, I just can't begin to explain, it just has all the ingredients to keep me happy: racks and racks of cheap ass, vintage/pre-owned clothing, shoes and accessories, to feed my conscience AND my addiction to fashion without emptying my (already empty) wallet! I bought a nice beige cape/shirt thing from Azara Paris, 2 t-shirts at 6-7$ each, one hot pink with a silk ribbon, one black with lacey, wood-beaded details at the neckline, and a pair of crazy comfy wide-legged black pants. I also found a nice orange flowy boho skirt, and a black tanktop with a square neck, embellished with lace and sequins. That tanktop will go perfect under my brown kimono dress, which has waaay too much decolletage to be work-appropriate (hellz, public-appropriate!) on its own.

Now the package at the post office.. from Febreeze! With two full-sized samples of Febreeze Noticeables dual scented oil warmers!! W00t! Free stuff! I just opened the box to see what it was, besides totally unexpected! I'd filled a form a while back to review these things, but saying I wasn't expecting them anymore would be an understatement. I'm not too sure about the one with floral scents, never been a huge fan of lavender and vanilla, but I'll definitely check into the morning walk and cleansing rain, sounds very much like my kind of smells! Right now all I can smell is my garbage, due out tomorrow.. Well I guess there's no better way to test fresheners than with a huge pile of stinky garbage in your apartment, hahaha! Thanks to Michelle from Beauty Editor for the freebies, I'll be sure to review the walk & rain diligently (...and pass the florals away to a more welcoming friend's home perhaps)!

BTW, if you've never read Michelle's blog, you better start.. now! Beauty Editor is relevant to you if you've ever purchased a lipstick or a foundation, hellz, if you ever got a haircut! So many girls I know would import clothing from Europe and Asia, but buy their makeup and other cosmetics, most often at the drugstore, without really shopping it and getting the techniques right... right? You don't really have to be into trends to find this blog practical is what I'm saying I guess, and the read is very quirky and fun. She should win an award.. oh wait, she DID! ;)

I like to research stuff before I go out and buy, and things are so confusing sometimes, just think of mascara.. How many different types of mascaras can there be?! Thickening, elongating, curving, fortifying, moisturizing, DEEP moisturizing, pulsating wands (another great WTF moment), all the blacks are the blackest blacks that ever blacked.. I say sort that shit out before you find yourselves facing all the nice displays or before you order it online and get disappointed with a bad product you paid for and can't return.


  1. I hate sparrows as a print or accessories (too hipsterrific for me), but this bag is adorable! Alas, completely out of my price range, too.

    I really need to haul my ass to Value Village one of these days. Josh scored a Versace handbag there. Seems like you got yourself some great finds there. :)

    And I totally second the rec: Beauty Editor is teh shiet.

  2. Let's make a date for Value Village, I wanna go to that one next to your place, it's been soo long!! As for Josh scoring the Versace.. lucky fucking bastard! All I can scramble in bags at VV lately are tacky mini-satchels and fake Vuitton..