Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing quite like..

Nothing quite like...

..waking up to a room full of cleaning awaiting execution.

..waking up to a month-worth of laundry.

..waking up and realizing you just spent the night drunkenly sprawled on your computer chair, as you fell asleep to that documentary on past lives (and how they don't exist).

..waking up late for work, somehow making it downstairs to catch the bus 5 mins in advance, and still missing it because the chauffeur decided being 5 minutes early on his run is acceptable.

..waking up realizing you have to clean and do the laundry, and do it all after crap & al.

Nothing quite like.. this week! ;)

Pst... Do you guys feel like watching a documentary on past lives? I swear, it's interesting! I was just really tired... and drunk. lol


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