Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trend alert!

Since the Chanel Spring/Summer 2011 fashionshow, there's been a serious trend developing: wearing pink blush higher on the cheekbone, up to the side of the eyes, paired with a simple bare eye with a "cat's eye" in black eyeliner, and a touch of pink on the lips. In this video, you can see Vivienne Tam's shameless plagiarism version of the Chanel look.

I was tempted to test it out myself, and it looks good, you just gotta really make sure your makeup is perfectly even underneath. You don't wanna look like David Bowie, so too much contouring is a no-no, just apply an even base of liquid foundation, over your best primer of course, and if you can't do the cat's eye to save your life, a thicker trait of eyeliner will do the trick.

This look can be fresh for day, but can hardly be taken into night, unless you're wearing big hair and a babydoll.. y'know? You can't wear this with bright lip, you can't amp up the eyes too much without looking overly done, if not Drag Queen-ish. Hence the David Bowie reference earlier. The trick is to stick to a rosy color that complements your skin tone, and not go over the eye line with the color.

Very innocent, fresh look, which integrates well into spring and the "fresh faced" and tussled/half-done hair thing that's sweeping the beauty world right now. I think it's a positive thing, going back to something more natural and lived-in is good, like black eyeliner and pink blush (!). It's a comfort zone (sorta), and not a big departure from a classic, just freshened up (like.. literally, up). You can find good beauty prods to achieve this look at all price ranges, and those colors are also widely available in organic beauty lines, most girls already own all the stuff to make this happen, so why not try?

I like that it looks a little doll-esque, but just slightly off enough to make it edgier and a little risqué.

So there ya go!

Will you try it?


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